The only company that personally cuts out and edits your child’s photos to perfectly fit their unique and special gift! No automated systems!

A variety of special personalized storybooks and gifts, custom with photo and/or name

  • Personalized Storybooks with photo
  • Personalized Storybooks with name only
  • Custom Wall Art for Kids
  • Personalized Puzzles with photo and/or name 
  • Personalized Learning Flashcards
  • Special gift packs 

How are products at My Custom Kids Books different from other personalized books and gifts?

Our personalized books and gifts are different from those offered on other websites because each and every one of our books are done manually, no automated systems! Each book is specially designed by an artist to make sure every detail is perfect! Because of this, we can ensure that every child’s photograph is edited and cut out with precision, and all of the cute hats, glasses, and other props are placed perfectly on the child’s face. It doesn’t get more personal that that!

At My Custom Kids Books, all of our personalized storybooks and gifts are personally (not robotically) made with extra care, so that you children can feel extra special!


“My Custom Kids Books are the cutest personalized storybooks, I have EVER seen. You can make your child a star by putting his or her photo on every page of their very own story. The stories are age appropriate and well written. It is a hoot to see my children on every page of their storybook!”
The Naptime Review

“I bought the personalized children ABC book for my neice as a birthday present and she loved seeing her face on all the cute characters. It also helped her learn and practice her alphabet. Wonderful personalized gifts for kids!”
Kelly Stiles, Toronto


How We Make Our Personalized Books for Kids

It’s easy to give the best gift for kids! Simply upload a child’s photograph and make them star in their very own personalised book. To make our children books, our artists take your child’s photograph, cut out their adorable face, and paste it onto the bodies of all the different characters throughout the story. Cute accessories such as hats, glasses, goggles, coloured wigs, and bows are customized to dress up each character. The books are further personalised with the child’s name and a special customizable dedication area on the introduction page.

Our personalized gifts for kids come in a variety of different fun and educational storybooks to choose from…

  • An adorable personalized ABC book is suitable for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.
  • Our Colours and Numbers book helps your child learn while having fun.
  • Learn the months of the year with our personalized princess book. It is a perfect gift for girls, featuring beautiful fairies and princesses.
  • We have a personalized transportation book, perfect for boys who love tractors, trucks, and cars.
  • There is also a personalised book that is a great gift for Mother’s, Father’s, Grandparents, and loved ones…and it can be personalized to star up to two different children.
  • Our Dreamland book is an adventurous story for toddlers and preschoolers, personalize it to make your child the star explorer!
  • And last but not least, adults can star in their own books too, with our personalized adult book for couples. This adult gag book is customized for a couple. It is a perfect anniversary gift, gift for boyfriend, or girlfriend, engagement or wedding gift, or wedding shower gift. With adorable and humourous romance poetry, and pin up couple bodies, this book is a great way to show your love.

Your child can be the adventure in our personalized storybooks for kids!