Christmas Book with up to 12 names added

NEW! Personalized Christmas Book, lots of Search and Find fun!

Further personalized, with up to 12 names incorporated into the story

 This option allows you to customize the story with up to 12 different special people in the child's life

"Santa" can be replaced with your choice of name for each day of Christmas.
For example, "On the 2nd day of Christmas, Uncle Johnny hid for me," "On the third day of Christmas, Mommy hid for me..."

"On the first day of Christmas, _________ hid for me..."

This version is $40.98
(version with "Santa" in the storyline is $36.99)

This is the same exact book as the original Christmas book, but with further customization. To go back to the simple version, click here

To customize the names, please list them in the additional comments section when checking out.

For example:
1. Momma
2. Daddy
3. Nana Jane
4. Philip
5. Momma
6. Cousin Joe

and so on...