I Love You, Gift Book

A special gift for parents, grandparents, etc.

Personalized book with photo & name,
(Can feature 1-2 people)
8 x 8 in

The perfect personalized gift idea for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or ANYONE you love!

This book is an adaptation of the lassic lulluby, "Hush little baby." However, the lulluby has been changed into a poem that explains to the reader (or whomever you are giving this book to) how much they are loved (by the person starring in the book). A beautiful story, with lots of love, compassion, and care. A sweet way of letting someone know you love them!HUG

This is a great gift, and can star up to two different people. Just upload their photographs upon checkout, and be sure to put both their names into the name box when personalizing the book.

For a book featuring one person, their face will appear 11 times throughout the book and on the cover. For a book featuring 2 stars (2 featured people), both their names and faces will appear on the cover, introduction page, and in the story. They will then take turns starring on the pages throughout the bookname appears on the cover page and intro page. A dedication can be personalized on the introduction page.

Note: This book is meant to be given as a gift to someone you love. Their name will not be mentioned in the book (only in the dedication if you include it). The photograph(s) and name(s) that you upload will be the child(ren)/adult(s) that are featured in the book. Whomevers face and name you upload with this book will become the star in the story, but it is meant to be given by them (the star) to someone they love. See our book previews for a better idea of how it works.

From teenage years and up, this book becomes more of a gag book, as the characters featured are cute and funny.

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