Personalized Storybooks

Personalized storybooks – Great gift ideas, choose from our wonderful selection! We have storybooks that are personalized with the child’s name and face, or storybooks that are personalized with their name only. See details and previews below…

 Personalized Books with Photo & Name

on-the-go-product-imagePersonalized Books for Boys, Cars & Trucks Book

A personalized book with trucks, tractors, and more!
Great gifts for kids aged 1-10. A personalized transportation book for boys. This rough and tough book is filled with all of your child’s favourite cars, trucks, tractors, and other forms of transportation.
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princess-book-cover-product-imagePersonalized Princess Book for Girls

A Custom Princess Storybook, Great birthday gift for girls
Great gifts for girls aged 2-12, their very own personalized princess book. This beautiful rhyming storybook takes your daughter through the months of the year. They become a different princess with a unique special power for each month of the year.
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personalised-adventure-book-for-kids Personalized Adventure Book for Kids

Make them the star of their own adventure!
A special gift for kids aged 2-10. Make your child the star explorer in these silly adventures! This exciting rhyming book is filled with imaginative scenes that are sure to put a smile on your child’s face.
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personalised-abc-storybook-for-childrenPersonalized ABC Book for Kids

Personalized Baby book for ages 3mths-18mths
Personalized toddler/Preschool book for ages 18mths-5 years
Our most popular personalised book! This personalized ABC book will help your child learn their alphabet and have tons of fun! This is an educational rhyming storybook that takes your child through the entire alphabet, placing their face on a different funny character for each letter.
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personalised-discount-book-for-kids-with-photo-and-nameMini ABC Discount Book,
Personalized with photo and name

A cheaper alternative, (5x7inches)
Great birthday gift idea for boys and girls!
This NEW personalized mini alphabet book has all the excitement of our other personalized books, just in a smaller package!
This 5 x7 hardcover storybook takes your child through all the letters of the alphabet. A cute and colorful book, using different educational ways of teaching the letters and phonetics. Your child will be featured on every other page of the book, as well as on the cover page with their name.
Specialize your own introduction page and let your child know how special you are to them!
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colors-and-numbers-personalised-storybookPersonalized Storybook about Colors and Numbers

Great gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers
An educational rhyming book that makes learning fun. Your child will see themselves in exciting scenes while learning their colours and numbers 1 through 10.
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i-love-u-cover-personalised-gift-bookPersonalized “I Love You” Book, can include more than one kid

Great gifts for Mom, Dad, Grandparents, and other loved ones
A personalized gift for mothers, fathers, grandparents, and all your loved ones. This storybook can feature 1-2 kids/people and puts them into cute pictures alongside a poem about how much they love you.
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couple-book-personalised-boyfriend-husband-giftPersonalized Adult Gag Book for Couples

A personalized book for adults. Perfect gift for a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, anniversary, or wedding.
Our first personalized book  for adults. Suitable for couples, and boy will you look good! This romantic book is full of cute poetry, rhymes, and pet names, and features your faces on pin up illustrations. Get bonus points with your loved one with this romantic gift that’s sure to put a smile on their face.
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Personalized Books with Name Only


personalised-name-book-for-kidsPersonalized Storybook with Name Only

A personalized book featuring your child’s name.(For kids aged 1-6) Teach manners and values
Don’t have a great photo to use for one of our personalized books? No problem. This personalized book features your child’s name throughout. A wonderful story expressing how special they are and encouraging good values, manners, friendship, and other great qualities.
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personalised-baby-name-book-keepsakeBaby Keepsake Book, Baby Shower Gift Idea

A personalized book for Babies or Todddlers. A great baby shower gift or special 1st birthday gift.
Boys and Girls Versions
What are little boys and girls made of??
Our NEW Personalized Story Book for Babies or Toddlers is made just for them, featuring their name. An adorable personalized book for kids, listing all the wonderful ingredients they are made of. This is a great baby shower gift or baby gift idea.
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