Nursery Decor Ideas – Design your baby’s nursery with these simple, low-cost ideas

How to decorate your baby’s nursery room and make it look amazing! DIY



So you’re expecting a new baby???
Congratulations! At such an exciting time, we all love to get ahead of ourselves and go overboard when we prepare for such a fantastic new time in our lives. We want the best for our new little one. We find joy in looking for and buying the cutest clothes and the best products….but personally, I think the most fun part of all, is decorating the nursery room!

We all would love to spend a fortune making our baby’s room perfect and the most adorable one anyone’s every seen. But with all the new expenses of a baby, it seems difficult to choose how and where to spend our money. Lucky for us, there are tons of low cost ways to decorate our nursery and make it just as adorable as our little one’s going to be!  We’ve compiled a list of some great ideas for your nursery room decorations, all at low costs, and many are simple do it yourself projects. We are focusing on simple ways to spruce up the walls. Get creative with these easy ways to make your baby’s nursery look fantastic!

1. Wall Painting




There are lots of creative ways to paint your baby’s room that will make a huge difference in the final look of your nursery design. You don’t have to be an artist to paint a wonderful room. With some green painter’s tape, you can create different shapes, patterns, and designs for your walls.
– Stripes.
Use green painter’s tape to measure out equal spaces for varying colours. Horizontal or vertical both look great. You can do only 2 colours, or go wild and do more!
You can even just choose one wall to paint with stripes and create a cool effect. If your room has already been painted a certain colour, you can easily add a contrasting striped wall with some old white paint or primer you have laying around.
– Simple checkers with only one colour. 
Stick the painter’s tape diagonally on a wall. You can leave it like this and just end up with thin, white diagonal lines. Or you can tape diagonal lines going the other way and make a cool, checker effect.


2. Cheap, inexpensive, wall decorations


– Wooden Name Letters.
Go to your local Walmart or Dollar Store, they usually sell low priced, wooden letters. Buy your child’s name (if you know what it’s going to be), and paint them to match your nursery room’s theme. Even painting them plain white look’s great against a coloured wall.  Look at the picture and see how they incorporated the painted stripes idea with the painted letters. A beautiful personalized nursery room idea!






– Wallpaper Shapes.
Buy some sample or small wallpaper sheets and cut out some shapes to paste on the wall.









-Personalized Nursery Wall Art.
My Custom Kids Books will soon be releasing beautiful personalized wall art for nursery and kids bedrooms. They will be personalized with just the baby or child’s name, or be personalized with their name and photograph. These are inexpensive ways to make your nursery unique and special, and personalized just for your child. Check back soon or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when they are released. A great Christmas gift idea for 2013!

Personalized wall art coming soon, to My Custom Kids Books


– A Do It Yourself Personalized Monogram Frame.
Gather some colourful crayons (or just stick to colours that match your nursery room’s theme) and make a cool monogram craft out of them. Just make an outline of your child’s first letter of their name. Then carefully cut the crayons to fill in the letter shape, and glue them down with a hot glue gun.






– Wall Stickers.
Go to your local Dollar Store. They usually have a wide selection of cheap wall stickers for kids. You can really add character to your child’s room with these. Even putting a few butterflies or airplanes scattered around creates a cute effect.

Dollar Store wall stickers










– Oragami Wall Decorations.
A simple, do it yourself addition to your nursery room decorations!





We hope you’ve enjoyed some of our nursery room decor ideas!
Enjoy making your baby’s very own, personalized nursery room!