Kids say and do the funniest things, the one thing we can rely on to always cheer us up!

We all know that kids say and do the funniest things, things that could put a smile upon your face even when your blood is boiling. Some times they might not even be that funny, but just the way they say it, their facial expression, and their innocence makes you smile. When I am feeling stressed out and my kids are not around to make me laugh or smile,…….hold on, wait a minute… if I get a break from my crazy kids, then why would I be stressed?! Just kidding 🙂
I meant to say, if I need to cheer up, I’ll think back at some moments that will make me smile no matter what. As stressful as a mother’s life is, we all know that at the end of the day, our kids are our true happiness. I thought it would be nice if we shared some of the funny things that kids have said and done….of course “you had to be there” might wanna be said afterwards, but this is a blog, so don’t worry, there’s gonna be no awkward silence or polite fake laugh.

When my son was almost 3, we were at my parents house when my father and his friend were having a conversation in Greek. We all understand and speak Greek, but my son wasn’t even at the stage of realizing that anything other than English even exists. When we were in the car on the way home, I asked my son if he had fun. He said happily, “Oh yeah, that was fun, those guys are soooo silly, they don’t even know how to talk!”
You had to be there.