20 Fun & unique sensory activities for kids

20 Great ideas for sensory activities to do with your child

20 sensory activities ideas for kids

Every child learns by exploring with their senses. They love learning with their sense of touch, that is why I have compiled a list of great sensory activities to keep them busy. Don’t forget to help them explore some descriptive words and explain what they feel.

  1. Water table, water play. Add bubbles or food colouring for extra fun.
    water play sensory activity with bubbles

    Water table with bubble bath

  2.  Give them an apron and have them “wash dishes” in the sink.
  3. Make a sticky board. Make a square border out of cardboard. Line the inside with packing tape, then tape it to the wall and let them stick different kinds of objects on it. I usually do a different set of materials each day. For example, popsicle sticks, letter magnets, pompoms and feathers, get creative!
  4. Make a sticky floor. Do the same thing as above but tape it to the floor and have them step on it with their bare feet!
  5. Sand box fun. Offer different utensils like shovels, cups, spoons, rakes, trucks, funnels, etc.

    Sand box fun

  6. Secret sensory “Guess What” Box. Get a shoebox and cut out a hole big enough for a child’s hand on the top. Fill the box with different objects and allow your child to guess what they are based only on sense of touch. Then have them shake it and get more clues with their sense of hearing. Some object ideas are feathers, cotton balls, leaves, crayons, their favourite stuffed animal, toys, etc.
  7. Sensory bin. Fill up a bin, bucket, or bowl with something fun for them to play with. Some favourites are dry rice, dry pasta, oats, corn, buttons, etc. Offer different utiensils and accesories for them to experiment with. The good thing about this is that you can save the material in a bag for next time.
    dry rice sensory activity for kids

    A dry rice sensory bin

  8. Leaves and grass. Rake them up and let them jump in! Or get them to collect leaves and grass and fill up a bucket to play with.
  9. Felt board pictures. Cut out felt shapes to stick onto a blanket to make pictures. You can also glue sand paper on the back of print outs or small cut out pictures and stick them to the blanket. I usually drape a big plain blanket over my son’s easel so it stands upright and it’s easier for him to work with.
  10. Play dough. Check out our playdough recipes.
  11. Finger painting. Or pudding painting for babies! (lay out a garbage bag or placemat and let your infant play with and eat the pudding)
  12. Make goop. 2 parts cornflower to 1 part water (option: add food colouring).
  13. Shaving cream. Spray some shaving cream over the table and have them play with the foam.
    shaving cream sensory activity

    Shaving cream sensory play

  14. Ice shapes. If you have plastic disposable gloves, fill one up, tie it, and put it in the freezer. You can also freeze water balloons. If you don’t have any materials, just let them play with ice cubes. You can put them in warm water if its too cold for them.
  15. Water balloons in the bath tub.
  16. Jello.
  17. Ewey Gooey Lava. Have some extra shampoo, laundry soap, or dish soap? Mix it with red food colouring, they’ll love the texture of this. Pour it in a smaller bin if you would like to preserve. Otherwise, just go to the dollar store to pick up a whole bottle and let them have fun!
  18. Cooked spaghetti.  Add food colouring for a fun effect. They’ll love putting their fingers through it. You can also give them chop sticks to stir it up, or tongs to pick up the strands.
  19. Sponges in a water bin. Put a bunch of sponges in water. (These are great for the bath too). Let them experiment with how they feel dry, moist, and soaked. They’ll enjoy soaking up all the water and squeezing it all out afterwards.
  20. Sensory balloon balls. Fill up balloons with different material for children to squeeze. big and small beans, rice, flour, and sugar are all great ideas that provide different textures for the balloons.
Leaf pile sensory fun

Leaf pile sensory fun