Custom Design Requests*

Did you browse our products and not see any designs that would be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for your child? Would they enjoy something that is EXACTLY what they would totally love? Well now you can send us a special design request, and we will have your request added to our product list within 1 week! It doesn’t get any more custom than that!!!

Just send us an email with the following information and we will create a design especially for your child.

1)  What kind of design would you like to see?
For example: “A purple circus elephant,” or “A fire truck and fire fighter”, or “A ballerina

2) What product would you like to see it in?
For example: “Personalized Canvas with Name,” or “Puzzle with photo and name”

3) The child’s name. (Only if you would like to see it featured on the product preview list in our website)

4) Your contact email so that we can let you know when your design has been completed and added to our website.

5) Any additional requests.
For example: “I would like it to feature up to two children.”


*Details about this offer*
We will try our best to create your personalized design request, however, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled exactly as the customer asks.
We cannot produce designs that infringe upon any copyrights (for example, we do not have the right to create a “Dora” product).
These design requests only apply to our personalized gifts, we cannot create storybook requests. However, we do welcome all ideas for new book suggestions and will take them into consideration for the future.
Design requests are usually completed within 1 week, but this is not a guarantee. If your design cannot be completed in a week, our artists will contact you and let you know.
By submitting design requests you are offering your ideas and have no legal right to owning the design.