Photos are personally cut & edited by an artist to fit your personalized storybook! No robots involved!

Custom Kids Books is only company that personally cuts out and edits your child’s photos to perfectly fit their unique and special gift! No automated systems!



A variety of special personalized storybooks and gifts, custom with photo and/or name

  • Personalized Storybooks with photo
  • Personalized Storybooks with name only
  • Custom Wall Art for Kids
  • Personalized Puzzles with photo and/or name 
  • Personalized Learning Flashcards
  • Special gift packs 

How are products at My Custom Kids Books different from other personalized books and gifts?

Our personalized books and gifts are different from those offered on other websites because each and every one of our books are done manually, no automated systems! Each book is specially designed by an artist to make sure every detail is perfect! Because of this, we can ensure that every child’s photograph is edited and cut out with precision, and all of the cute hats, glasses, and other props are placed perfectly on the child’s face. It doesn’t get more personal that that!

At My Custom Kids Books, all of our personalized storybooks and gifts are personally (not robotically) made with extra care, so that you children can feel extra special!