Our Top 10 Kids Halloween Costumes for 2013

Order your child the cutest Halloween costume this year!

cutest halloween costumes 2013













The artists at My Custom Kids Books have compiled a list of our favourite Halloween costumes of 2013 for kids. Does your child have any of our personalized kids books? We have pulled out a few costumes straight from our books! Copy the look of your child’s favourite personalized book.

We begin with this adorable costume that resembles one of the dwarfs from Snow White.
“Garden Gnome Baby Costume”










Are you a fan of the Muppets?
“The Muppets Romper And Headpiece Kermit The Frog”
$15 on amazon.com











Copy the look of our flower princess from our personalized book for girls, “Your child, Princess of the Year”
“Lil Character Infant Flower Costume”
$30 on amazon.com










Is your son a fan of our personalized “On the Go” book for boys? A do it yourself costume of your son’s favourite vehicle, and it goes right on your stroller!
All you need is a big box and lots of paint. Make your own firetruck costume like the one below from freekidscrafts.com











This owl infant costume is adorable, and warm!
“InCharacter Costumes, LLC What A Hoot”
$40 on amazon.com










Copy the look from our “I Love You” personalized book
“Ocean Octopus Infant / Toddler Costume “
from halloweenandcostumes.com










I love the big feet and dragonfly on this costume.
“Lil Characters Unisex-baby Newborn Froggy Costume”
$38 on amazon.com










Copy the look for the October princess in My Custom Kids Book’s personalized book for girls, “Princess of the Year”
“Ballerina Orange Witch” from costumestore.com












This is an adorable baby snail costume!
“Slow Poke”
$40 on amazon.com











Copy the look of our letter M page from our personalized alphabet book for kids, “Your Child’s ABCs”
Monkey costume from kids-party-supplies.com











I’m sure Halloween is one of your children’s favourite holidays. It’s a parents favourite too, as we get to see our kids dressed up as adorable characters (and we get some extra candy). Some of these costumes are so cute, it’s hard to get the young kids to understand that they are only meant to be worn out on Halloween! 
When my son had his first Halloween that he could truly participate in, he had the idea that he can go up to anyone’s door, say trick or treat, and get candy whenever he wanted!