NEW Personalized Mini ABC book, a big gift in a little package, discounted!

Our NEW personalized storybook for children, a 5×7 hardcover custom book for ONLY $27.99!! Help your child learn letters with their very own custom ABC mini book…

Personalized abc storybook for kids with photo, discounted personalized gift for childrenIt still has all the excitement of our other personalized books, just in a smaller package!

This book takes your child through all the letters of the alphabet. A cute and colorful book, using different educational ways of teaching the letters and phonetics. Your child will be featured on every other page of the book, as well as on the cover page with their name.
Customize your own introduction page and let your child know how special you are to them!

The storybook is personalized with the child’s face and name on the cover, and their face 5 times throughout the interior.

Perfect gift for children if you are looking for a cheaper way of making them the star of their own storybook. High quality, printed on hardcover, and personalised with their photo and name!