Gift for Mother – A special Mothers Day gift!

A personalized Mothers Day gift, show your Mom how much you appreciate her love and care with this heartfelt storybookchild-loves-you-preview-blo

Did your Mom ever sing you the classic lulluby “Hush little baby?” Does your wife sing this to your kids? Well, this his book is an adaptation of this lulluby. It has been changed into a poem that explains to the reader (in this case, the Mother) how much they are loved. A beautiful story, with lots of love, compassion, and care. A sweet way of letting Mom know how much you love her! Or, show Grandma your love with her grandkids as the stars!

This is a great gift for Mom, and can star up to two different people (Hint hint Dads, put your children’s faces into a beautiful gift their Mom will love!) 
Just upload their photographs upon checkout, and be sure to put both their names into the name box when personalizing the book.HUG



8 x 10 inches, 20 full-colour pages, and available in hardcover and softcover

From teenage years and up, this book becomes more of a gag book, as the characters featured are cute and funny. Your Mom will surely be touched when the tables are turned and it’s their turn to hear a sweet lulluby of your love for them.

Softcover $22.99, Hardcover $34.99. Buy an extra copy softcover for only $11.99, or an extra copy hardcover for $23.99. Extra copies are also great gifts for dad, gifts for grandparents, or other loved ones.

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