Valentine’s Day Craft – Coloured rice heart


A special Valentines Day heart

What you will need to make your coloured rice heart…

– rice
– food colouring
– zip lock bags
– construction paper
– glue
– marker
– small bowls or cups
– pipe cleaners or piece of string
– stapler or tape
– spoon (optional)
– cardboard (optional)

Step 1…



Make coloured rice

Make your coloured rice. Divide your rice into zip lock bags. Add a few drops of food colouring to each bag. Zip up the bag and let your child shake it and smush around all the rice inside until the rice is all coloured. (Kids love doing this step!)

Step 2…

Make your heart shape. Cut out a heart from construction paper. Paste this heart onto a peice of cardboard that is cut as the same size heart. (This is not mandatory but makes the heart stronger). This will be your child’s canvas.

Step 3…


Fun rice activity, materials

Decorate the heart. Divide the coloured rice into separate bowls. Allow your child to apply glue to the entire surface of the heart shape. Now they can decorate, by spooning the rice onto the heart. They can also use their hands, making this an excellent sensory activity 🙂
(Note: You will have to keep shaking off excess rice back into the bowls.)

Step 4…

Make the middle “I love you” heart. Cut out a smaller sized heart and write “I love you”  or “____ loves you” on it. Paste it onto the middle of the heart.

Step 5…

Make it easy to hang. Let your child twist two pipe cleaners together. Bend them into a curve and stick them to the back of the heart. You can also use string to make a hanger.

Voila! A beautiful Valentine’s Day gift!

The leftover rice can be used for many other crafts, get creative!

Using rice for activities and play is an excellent sensory experience for children. Fill it up into a bucket and let them play. Offer different utensils like spoons, cups, bowls, plates for them to experiment with.