Valentine’s Day Craft – I Love You Butterfly

valentines day craft valentines-butterfly-craft

What you will need to make your Valentines butterfly…

craft supplies needed

Craft supplies, use whatever you can find

– toilet paper roll
– scissors
– construction paper
– glue or tape
– pipe cleaner
– googly eyes
– decorating supplies of your choice
(paint, crayons, stickers, buttons, tissue paper, glitter, bingo dabbers…etc.)

Step 1…

measuring the body paper

The body

Make your butterfly’s body.
Measure and cut out a peice of construction paper that will cover your toilet paper roll. Let your child decorate this paper with crayons, markers, paint, glitter, and/or bingo dabbers.

Step 2…

Make your butterfly wings.
Cut out two matching hearts to become the wings. Let your child decorate them as they like. Offer different supplies and let your child be creative.
Some good supplies for decorating are buttons, tissue paper, cut-out hearts, confetti, stickers, glitter, paints, and/or bingo dabbers.

decorate your butterfly wings

Our kids used buttons, confetti, tissue paper, stickers, and glitter glue to decorate their butterfly wings.

Step 3…


Butterfly antennas

Make your butterfly antennas.
Take a piece of pipe cleaner and twist it around a pencil, pen, or paint brush. Remove your coiled pipe cleaner and bend in half to make a V-shape. Cut out two small construction paper hearts and glue/tape one to each end of the pipe cleaner.

Step 4…

Assemble your butterfly parts. (This works best with a hot glue gun, but can be done by kids with glue or a sticky, clear tape.)
Wrap and stick your butterfly body to the toilet paper roll.
Stick the two heart wings to the back of the roll making sure that they are stuck high enough for the butterfly to stand up.
Stick your antennas on, and add your eyes and heart shaped mouth.
Cut out a small heart shape and write on it “______ Loves You.” Stick this onto the butterfly’s body.

Voila! A cute Valentine’s Day craft to give to Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma, or even your child’s teacher.

final valentines craft

A cute Valentine’s Day craft your child will be proud of!