Personalized Easter Bunny Craft – A great photo gift


Books and gifts are always more fun when you add a personalized touch. Photo gifts are a great idea, especially when given to or given by kids. They are guaranteed to make you smile and always turn out really cute. There are endless things you can do with your child’s photograph. This year, our daycare kids are making their own personalized photograph Easter bunnies. But we must warn you, the children love crafts with their own photo so much, that they end up wanting to play with it long before you can even give it to someone as a gift!

What you will need for your Easter gift…

– a photograph or print out of your child
– toilet paper roll
– cotton balls
– construction paper
– glue
– scissors

Step 1…

Cut out your bunny’s ears, paws, and feet. Your child can colour these, or you can simply draw lines on them (as shown in picture) to make them look like hand and foot paws.

supplies-for-bunny-easter-cStep 2…

Cut out your child’s face from a photograph. (The bigger the face in the photograph, the better). Paste the bunny ears on the back of the face cut-out.

Step 3…

Make the Easter bunny’s body. Take your cotten balls and let your child pull and stretch out the cotton. They can then glue this all over the toilet paper roll.

Step 4…

Put your Easter bunny together. Glue the bunny face onto the toilet paper roll, and glue its paws onto the body. Fold a small piece of the back of the foot paws so that they can be taped or glued to the inside bottom of the bunny’s body.

Voila! You child’s own personalized Easter bunny craft. A perfect gift for parents, grandparents, or friends!