Paper plate lion craft for toddlers or preschool age

paper plate lion craft for toddlers preschool

A step by step craft great for toddlers and preschool age

What you’ll need

– paper plate
– yellow paint
– construction paper
– scissors
– glue
– marker

Step 1

Get your child to paint the paper plate yellow

Step 2

Prepare your cut outs. Cut orange strips for the lions mane, 2 brown circles for the face, a pink heart nose, a red tonge, and eyes (or use googly eyes).

Step 3

Add glue to the outside of the plate and allow you child to paste the strips around it for the lion’s mane.

Step 4

Allow your child to glue on the face accessories and draw dots on the brown circles for the cheeks.

Voila! A cute paper plate lion craft.