Hawaiian flower necklace craft – Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination activity for kids

flower necklace craft, a fine motor skills and hand eye coordination activity for kids

A creative activity for kids that exercises fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and pattern recognition

What you’ll need

– construction paper
– scissors
– straws
– cherrios
– string
– a bobby pin
– hole puncher

Step 1

Prepare the supplies. Cut out different coloured flower shapes and punch a hole through the middle of each. Tie a bobby pin to the end of the string so that your child can easily sew through the accessories. Tie a cherrio to the end of the string to block the accessories from falling off.

Step 2

Teach your child the pattern for making their necklace. “Flower, cherrio, straw, cherrio…..flower, cherrio, straw, cherrio…..”
Have them say it as they string each part.

And that’s it!
It’s a nice snack too because they will end up sneaking some cherrios in between!