Halloween Pumpkin Lamp – A cute Halloween craft for kids

Use a glass jar and tissue paper to crate a Halloween Pumpkin Lamp – A great Halloween craft for kids

halloween craft for kids pumpkin jar lamp

This is a great Halloween craft that you can use as a decoration in or outside of your home for Halloween. With a lit candle inside, the pumpkin jar lights up and creates a cool, spooky effect.

Supplies Needed:

– An empty glass jar (peel off any labels)
– orange tissue paper
– black construction paper
– scissors
– glue
– paint brush

Step 1: Take your tissue paper and cut it up into little squares or other shapes.

Step 2: Take your black construction paper and cut out a Halloween Pumpkin face.

Step 3: Have your child cover the jar with the tissue paper squares. It is easy if you put out a bowl of glue and let them paint the tissue paper on with a paintbrush and the glue. Sometimes it’s easier if you water down the glue a little bit.

Step 4: After the jar is all cover with orange tissue paper, glue on the black pumpkin face cut outs.

Put a little tee light candle inside and watch it glow for Halloween!!!

If your jar had a lid, you can paint it black and store candy in it up until Halloween night or even afterwards.