Paper Doll Costumes – A Fun Halloween Craft for Kids

A Cute Halloween Activity and Craft for your Kids, use our printout to make Paper Doll Costumes

halloween craft for kids popsicle stick costume dolls


Print out our costume puppet page below and turn it into a fun Halloween activity and craft for your kids.

Just cut out the little boy and girl bodies, paste them on a thicker sheet of paper, and glue a popsicle stick on the back.

Then, cut out the costumes and let the children dress up their puppets. You can put a little piece of sticky tack putty on the back of the costumes so that they stick on the puppet body, or you can use a little peice of white tape (or painter’s tape, so it’s not too sticky).

Enjoy your Halloween Costume Paper Dolls!

halloween costume craft for kids

Let your child have fun with their puppets and personalize their costumes. They can mix and match the costumes and make silly Halloween puppets. Have a safe and fun Halloween this year!