A fun Halloween Activity to do with your Kids – A Pumpkin Painting Design

A cool pumpkin design, a Painted Pumpkin, a fun activity to do with your kids!

pumpkin halloween kidsAre you looking for a cool pumpkin design idea for this Halloween? Here’s an example of a painted pumpkin deisgn that kids will love. It’s a great way to get your children involved with the jack-o-lantern design without them having to do any carving.

First, hollow out the pumpkin, then carve your face out. If you don’t want to get too detailed with the carving, you still make it look awsome with the painting.

I carved the above pumpkin out and added the details of the teeth and eyeballs with toothpinks. I cut the ears out and tacked them on with toothpicks as well. The nose was one of those styrofoam crafts balls, I poked holes through it to let the candle light shine through.

Once all the carving was done, I left my kids paint the whole pumpkin white to resemble a clowns face. Then, they painted the ears, nose, teeth, and lips, and I finished off the details. The kids were so excited to put this pumpkin out last year because they played part in designing it. It was a wonderful, bonding experience to start off Halloween!