My Custom Kids Books are the cutest personalized story books, I have EVER seen. You can make your child a star by putting his or her picture on every page of their very own story. The stories are age appropriate and well written. It is a hoot to see my children on every page of their storybook!…These personalized books make the perfect keepsake, birthday gift, or even an Easter present! My girls love being a star of their own book.  I hope your children do too. These books are something we will treasure forever!

Julie Marling, The Naptime Review

My Custom Kids Books has also been awarded the Mr.Dad Seal of Approval!
“Personalized Children’s Book (with photo) – “On the Go” transportation book for boys is one of the winners of the 2014 Winter Holidays Mr. Dad Seal of Approval. Congratulations! Our team of evaluators and testers had a great time playing with Personalized Children’s Book (with photo) – “On the Go” transportation book for boys and we know your customers–including all the new ones you’ll be getting–will too.”

Mr.Dad Seal of Approval

I just received the book and I’m overwhelmed with how amazing it is…thank you so much for putting such thought into which picture suits which scene…my sister is going to cry when she sees this present for Christmas for her daughter!

Heather Rose

My son just LOVES your book! We actually know it by heart now (it is very catchy!) I’ve never seen him want to read the same book for bedtime so many times in a row (and we look for the hidden turtles on every page… 🙂 He really and truly enjoys it. And loves looking at his picture doing the different activities. And he’s learned a lot of new words (like juggle and igloo). The book is perfect for his age, and challenges him. You did a fabulous job on the book!

Madeline and Jeff

I bought “On the Go” for my nephew who is crazy about tractors and trucks. He was so excited to see himself in the book and loved learning about all the different vehicles in the book. Thank you so much, I’m now the best auntie!


My daughter Maya is 16 months old and loves her customized book! She always wants to look at it, she loves how colourful it is, and loves to see herself. I would highly recommend one of these books, as they are educational and a great way to capture all of your child’s expressions!

Aline & Philip

The perfect gift… my 3 year old son just loved his personalized ABC book! He delights in turning the pages and seeing himself time and time again!


I purchased “Princess of the Year” for my neice who loves princesses and everything girly.  The pictures were colourful and beautiful, and the stories about each princess and fairy were very creative and imaginative. She loved seeing herself as so many different characters, the artists did a great job at putting her face into the images. She cherishes the book so much that her mom bought a second copy to keep for the future.


My daughter just loves the book we had made for her!  She really gets a kick out of seeing herself in the illustrations and being a part of the story.  This will become a keepsake book for sure!