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Choose from a variety of personalized storybooks for children. All you have to do is give us some feedback on what you would like to see in the New Years. Whether it’s books for siblings, books for adults, a potty training book, personalized birthday book, we’d love to hear it! Tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to give it to you!

View all personalized storybooks that My Custom Kids Books has to offer…




Poem for children about dreams…

I Dreamed a Dream

©2003 Gareth Lancaster,

found on

I dreamed a dream in bed last night,
Of places most bizarre.
Of ponds of liquid lemon pie,
And ducks that played guitar.

Of perfect picture puzzle paths,
And grass of jellybeans.
Of crumpet homes and candy gnomes,
Such things I’d never seen.

Of glinting, misty marble stars,
And clouds of thick eclair.
Of crayon boats and biscuit goats,
A weird and strange affair.

I flew past trees of centipedes,
And over fondant hills.
Past eight-leg cats and purple rats,
A world so full of thrills.

I dived beneath a soapy lake,
Through plastic kelp and Bream.
And swam with rainbow octopus,
Past shores of clotted cream.

And down below the treacle waves,
I spied a feathered bee.
But with a start I woke to find,
My pillows eating me!

I’ve always been fascinated by dreams, the meanings behind them and how creative our mind can get without us even realizing. I know a lot of kids have troubles with bad dreams and nightmares, which is why I created our first personalized book, “Your Child in Dreamland.” This personalized storybook was based on the idea that you usually dream about what you were thinking about before going to bed. It always worked for me, so I would always tell my son Anthony to think of things that make him happy and maybe he would dream about them. The Dreamland book is a personalized adventure book with lots of creative scenes, all ideas that my son had when trying to fall asleep at night. The book is a special and unique personalized gift for children ages 2-10.

I found this poem when researching dreams, on this adorable website  It is a great website with cute children’s poems! Make them laugh and smile with this poem about dreaming.

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Friday!

My Custom Kids Books

Here’s a preview of our personalized adventure book for kids!

  • personalized-adventure-gift-storybook-for-kids-with-photo

Clown Pumpkin Painting, Carve AND paint your pumpkin this year!

A cool pumpkin design, a Painted Pumpkin, a fun activity to do with your kids!

pumpkin halloween kidsAre you looking for a cool pumpkin design idea for this Halloween? Here’s an example of a painted pumpkin deisgn that kids will love. It’s a great way to get your children involved with the jack-o-lantern design without them having to do any carving.

First, hollow out the pumpkin, then carve your face out. If you don’t want to get too detailed with the carving, you still make it look awsome with the painting.

I carved the above pumpkin out and added the details of the teeth and eyeballs with toothpinks. I cut the ears out and tacked them on with toothpicks as well. The nose was one of those styrofoam crafts balls, I poked holes through it to let the candle light shine through.

Once all the carving was done, I left my kids paint the whole pumpkin white to resemble a clowns face. Then, they painted the ears, nose, teeth, and lips, and I finished off the details. The kids were so excited to put this pumpkin out last year because they played part in designing it. It was a wonderful, bonding experience to start off Halloween!

Cute Halloween Craft – Easy Pumpkin Lamp

Use a glass jar and tissue paper to crate a Halloween Pumpkin Lamp – A great Halloween craft for kids

halloween craft for kids pumpkin jar lamp

This is a great Halloween craft that you can use as a decoration in or outside of your home for Halloween. With a lit candle inside, the pumpkin jar lights up and creates a cool, spooky effect.

Supplies Needed:

– An empty glass jar (peel off any labels)
– orange tissue paper
– black construction paper
– scissors
– glue
– paint brush

Step 1: Take your tissue paper and cut it up into little squares or other shapes.

Step 2: Take your black construction paper and cut out a Halloween Pumpkin face.

Step 3: Have your child cover the jar with the tissue paper squares. It is easy if you put out a bowl of glue and let them paint the tissue paper on with a paintbrush and the glue. Sometimes it’s easier if you water down the glue a little bit.

Step 4: After the jar is all cover with orange tissue paper, glue on the black pumpkin face cut outs.

Put a little tee light candle inside and watch it glow for Halloween!!!

If your jar had a lid, you can paint it black and store candy in it up until Halloween night or even afterwards.